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Kinesiology is a holistic approach to health and well-being, with instant and long-lasting results. 


It combines ancient eastern energetic healing arts with western physiological healing sciences.

It was created in the 1960’s by a Chiropractor called Dr Goodheart, in America. He discovered that each muscle was related to an energy circuit and each circuit was connected to an organ, a gland or a meridian. Kinesiology involves muscle monitoring also called bio-feedback to access your sub-conscious, assess and correct imbalances of energy within the physical, emotional and mental systems of the body.

What is muscle monitoring?


The human nervous system is designed to self-regulate and adapts to change. When we cannot adapt efficiently, the muscles will reflect the stress in the central nervous system. This stress creates specific muscle patterns or imbalances that I will be able to assess using muscle monitoring.


Your body lets you know when your energy is out of balance by giving you physical signs like:


- Adrenal fatigue, lack of energy

- Anxiety, insomnia

- Digestive issues

- Headaches, migraines

- Muscular pain, back and neck pain

- Jaw pain, jaw tension

- Hormonal imbalances including menopausal hot flushes, etc.


Kinesiology uses different non-invasive techniques to release energy blockages and allow the body’s innate healing intelligence to restore balance and wellbeing.. 

Gentle but powerful correction methods used includes: stress release, age recession, acupressure stimulation, sound healing, flower essences, essential oils, positive affirmations, chakra healing, and aura re-alignment.


Kinesiology is not limited to dealing with ailments. Balancing your energies in every dimension will help you to have more clarity on what you want in your life, find your purpose. It will help you to get down to the roots of who you are and will open the path to personal freedom.


Kinesiology will make a profound change in your life.

Arielle Kinesiology logo

Please contact me if you have any question or if you are ready to start this program.


With love and light,


  • 1 hr 30 min

    150 Australian dollars
Arielle Kinesiology logo


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