Seeds of self-love

“The Healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely.” Yung Pueblo

I have a passion for growth and transformation even if my life journey hasn’t always been flowing and easy. Since childhood like many of us, I was faced with family challenges, a huge feeling of insecurity and low self-esteem. So, I grew up as a disconnected and angry person driven by negativity, self-victimisation and self-sabotage. I didn’t know at that time that I was just surviving, not living.

I was already living in Australia when my son was born and when he was 2 yo, I was diagnosed with post-natal depression. I was feeling very homesick and lost and I was convinced that my unhappiness was due to my homesickness, until I realised many years later that the only home I was missing was mine.

Following the diagnosis, I was given an anti-depressant to “fix” me but the only thing the treatment was doing was numbing me in the inside, making me feel even more lost and more disconnected. So, with my husband at the time, we sold all our possessions and moved back to France with our 2 children where we lived for nearly 4 years.