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“Happiness starts within, so does change

When you give yourself permission to once and for all embrace who you unconditionally are, you will awaken to the life of your dreams.

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I have seen so many people in my professional and personal life putting up with an ordinary or average life, putting up with a comfort zone, putting up with what is right according to others or society. I see them holding on to their old belief systems, their past, their mistakes, their guilt, their anger, their resentment and repeating all over again the same story, in their mind and their life. Being in your comfort zone doesn’t mean happiness, it means inaction, boredom, routine, a sense of loss of direction and ultimately disempowerment.

I have a passion for growth and transformation even if my life journey hasn’t always been flowing and easy. Since childhood like many of us, I was faced with family challenges, a huge feeling of insecurity and low self-esteem. So, I grew up as a disconnected and angry person driven by negativity, self-victimisation and self-sabotage. I didn’t know at the time that I was not living, I was only surviving.


My journey with kinesiology started with my own healing journey. Little did I know that while I was learning how to help others overcome their physical and emotional traumas, I would end up facing my demons.

But it was through this journey of discovery and healing that I learned the most important lesson of all: self-compassion and self-love. As an experienced kinesiologist, I believe that the healing journey is unique to each individual and that every person deserves to be seen, heard, and supported on their path to wellness.

As someone who has personally experienced the power of kinesiology, I know firsthand how transformative this practice can be.

My approach is based on a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit, and my goal is to empower YOU to take charge of your health and wellbeing. Whether you're struggling with physical pain, emotional trauma, or just a general feeling of dis-ease, I offer a safe and supportive space where you can begin to release blockages and tap into the infinite potential within you.

 Please find below the other complementary therapies I qualify in:

- Diploma of Kinesiology

- Reiki Master

- TimeLine Reset and Delete Reset Coach 

- Sacred Ancestral Clearing and DNA Healing Practitioner

- Past Life Regression Practitioner Level 1 and 2

- Family Freedom Protocol self-empowered coach

- AromaTouch practitioner

Whether you’re dealing with a chronic condition or simply looking to improve your overall wellbeing, I offer non-intrusive, personalised, and effective treatments that are tailored to your own needs.

As someone who has been on their own self-healing journey, I know firsthand how confusing and overwhelming it can be. But once you commit to the journey of self-realisation, you’ll experience a newfound sense of empowerment and clarity.


At Arielle Kinesiology, my approach is all about facilitating this process. We’ll work together to identify areas in your life where you’re feeling stuck or blocked and use the appropriate techniques to unblock those energy pathways. Through this process, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of who you are and gain confidence in your ability to create lasting change.

The rewards are endless, the joy and the peace are unlimited.

I know it’s not easy to change your life. I also know that it’s much harder not to. My favourite quote says it this way: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”– Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

My wish for you is to no longer delay your journey to self-healing, health, love and abundance. It’s never too late to rewrite your story. I’ve been there and I’m now here to help you, one step at a time.

With love and light,


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