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Throughout our various incarnations each one of us was born with gifts which can be beneficial across life times.


In addition, we have encountered hardships which affect the behaviours and experiences in our present life.


Past Life Regression will help you discover your gifts and challenges and guide you overcoming the unprocessed emotions which may still be causing a problem in this lifetime.

What issues does Past Life Regression and help with?

⁃   Understand your pattern of self-sabotage and correct it

⁃   Understand the impact of your own soul work

   Free yourself of addictions

   Free yourself of problems of the past

⁃   Free yourself of sabotage

   Find your why

   Find your how

   Find your reason for being here and your purpose

   Get your learnings for an accelerated soul evolution


How does it work?


You can embark on a session of past-life regression or a session combining past life regression and numerology:


-   With your date of birth, we find out your life path number and personal year.


-   We then look at your gifts, positive and negative qualities.

-   Finding out your life path number indicates the type of circumstances, opportunities, challenges and destiny that people      and life experiences will bring you.

The personal years repeat in nine years cycle. Each time the cycle is renewed, it provides you with circumstances to develop spiritually and each cycle presents many chances for added self-understanding and wisdom.


Prior the session, I will take you through the principle of Responsibility > Victim to allow you to feel empowered after the process.


I will then take you through a deep state of relaxation to make the process smooth and easy.


At the end of the session, you will have all your learnings that will bring joy and clarity and help you move forward in this life.

This process can be done on zoom or in person, in my practice.

With love and light,


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