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Access Bars Consciousness

In Person

  • 1 hour
  • 150 Australian dollars
  • Ocean Reef

Service Description

An Access Bars Session, or having your Bars run, as it is often called, begins to release the thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and limiting programs that no longer serve you. During a session the 32 Bars points are lightly touched. This process begins to release the electromagnetic charge or polarity of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, considerations and decisions as it is stored in your brain. Typically, you lie on a massage table or sit in a zero gravity chair. There is no need to remove any clothing. Only the head, hands and feet (optional) are touched. It's nice to have a blanket on hand, as sometimes your body temperature may change. Sessions typically last 60 mns. Introductory or taster sessions are typically 20 minutes. The Bars can be run anywhere; a noisy environment will not prevent the Bars from running. Bars can be run in hospitals, at the park, outdoors, in offices, at airports, on a plane and in various other locations.

Contact Details

  • Ocean Reef WA, Australia


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