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At Arielle Kinesiology, we have been providing holistic well-being services since 2014. We are a heart and soul small business and we are passionate about helping our clients reach their highest potential. We specialise in various modalities and therapies that support physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual well-being.
Our services are tailored to provide individualised care
and attention to each client.
Join us on your journey to discover the best version of yourself.
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Arielle has a passion for growth and transformation and she believes that true self-healing requires courage, strength, bravery, vision, patience, tenacity, vulnerability, depth, trust, and humility.


Her French culture blended with the Australian way of life has made her create her very own signature in the healing world.


Our Services

  • In Person

    1 hr 30 min

    150 Australian dollars
  • In Person

    1 hr

    110 Australian dollars
  • In Person

    1 hr

    150 Australian dollars
  • In Person or Online via Zoom Meetings

    3 hr

    350 Australian dollars
  • In person or Online via Zoom Meetings

    2 hr

    250 Australian dollars

  • 88 Australian dollars

  • 1 hr 30 min

  • 9 hr

    2,200 Australian dollars

Google Reviews

Since meeting Arielle and having several sessions of mostly kinesiology and some bars sessions I have experienced nothing but growth and positivity in my life. Gaining more clarity and insight into my old stories and beliefs that were limiting to me. The sessions have had a positive effect and shift within my family dynamics. Arielle is genuine, and caring and has a beautiful gift of guidance through her work. Extremely grateful. Thank you xxx


I have been working with Arielle for over 3 years, and my life has completely turned around.  Through Kinesiology, Access Bars and past life regression she has helped shift my past traumas, increased my self-love, confidence and much more. I am healing myself from the inside out.  I am now not only surviving but thriving!

Without Arielle I would not be where I am today, she has taught me so much, and I am forever grateful.

Thank you x


I first met Arielle a few months ago when I began kinesiology. After a few amazing sessions, I decided to embark upon the FFP. Over the 8 weeks of coaching, I saw a significant transformation within myself. Arielle is caring and compassionate, yet she holds you accountable which I believe is so important. Over the course of the 8 weeks, I grew as a person and gained a whole new perspective, along with acquiring invaluable tools that I will utilise going forward into the future.  If you are contemplating signing up for the FFP, I 100% recommend it! Thanks, Arielle for all of your guidance and support. I am very grateful.


Arielle Kinesiology logo


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