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At Arielle Kinesiology, we have been providing holistic wellbeing services since 2014. We are a heart and soul small business  based and we are passionate about helping our clients reach their highest potential. We specialise in a variety of modalities and therapies that support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Our services are tailored to provide individualised care and attention to each of our clients.
Join us on your journey to discover the best version of yourself.
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Arielle has a passion for growth and transformation and she believes that true self-healing requires courage, strength, bravery, vision, patience, tenacity, vulnerability, depth, trust, and humility.


Her French culture blended with the Australian way of life has made her create her very own signature in the healing world.


Our Services

  • In Person

    1 hr 30 min

    150 Australian dollars
  • In Person

    1 hr

    110 Australian dollars
  • In Person

    1 hr

    150 Australian dollars
  • In Person or Online via Zoom Meetings

    3 hr

    350 Australian dollars
  • In person or Online via Zoom Meetings

    2 hr

    250 Australian dollars

  • 300 Australian dollars

  • 500 Australian dollars

  • 1,500 Australian dollars

  • 1 hr 30 min

    250 Australian dollars


Arielle has been central to my healing and spiritual journey. I first met her when life was overwhelming and she helped me find the first piece of calm I had felt in a long time. From there, I was able to really 'do the work' - always with her support. Since then, I have worked with Arielle in many (but not yet all) of her modalities and I feel better than I ever have. Arielle has created a beautiful and safe space for healing and growth. Her wisdom, peppered with the occasional bit of tough love when I needed it, has been divinely sent. I recommend Arielle as a valuable partner in your healing journey.


If you're reading this that means you're on the right path because Arielle is a real gem!
We've known each other for more than 10 years and I promise you if you want results, accountability, support, compassion with zero bullshit, Arielle is the one!
She goes straight to the point and uses powerful techniques to get to there. The results we achieved with the family freedom protocols were amazing. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am forever grateful to have met Arielle and for her love and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I have been blessed to work as a client with Arielle since 2014. Arielle's experience in holistic therapy includes Kinesiology, Reiki, and most recently Timeline Reset all of which for me have been fundamental drivers to become a better version of myself.  My personal reality has been created with Arielle's touch and is quite remarkable, I simply would not be who I am to this day without her knowledge, understanding and approach to help me uncover the layers that accumulate through life experience. Being open, aware and trusting in the process is needed. Arielle's sessions are always held in a safe, comforting and transparent environment.  All you need to do is whatever feels right for you (trust yourself) and then let the process unfold.  I have absolute gratitude for this beautiful soul...x


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