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Today, I'm excited to talk a little bit more in-depth about the amazing 8-week program that I offer to my clients called the Family Freedom Protocol or FFP.

It's a tailor-made program on how to take you from a stuck state (e.g. anxiety, depression, disconnected, shut down, grief, etc.) into a state of awareness and empowerment and, it can be applied to every member of the family.

It will assist you in dealing with any situation that comes into your home, so each of you gets some help. It will help you restore peace, harmony, love and understanding of each other.

This protocol isn’t limited to the family, you can enrol into the program for yourself or with your partner if as a couple you’re going through challenging times. Most of my clients enrol for themselves or as a couple.

This program is very efficient because it works with 5 dimensions:

Conscious | Unconscious | Energy fields | Soul level | Cellular Level

It delves deep into finding the core issues of the problem, not just the symptoms, to effect real change. 

It will help you to recognise and understand your patterns, belief systems and your structure of reality, and how to take responsibility for your healing. During the program, we also dive into the role the conscious and unconscious mind plays in your everyday life and how it affects every decision you make.

Remember, we've all been programmed since childhood, so a big part of the program is to make you understand how responsible you are for your life, teaching you victim # responsibility.

Incorporating work with the conscious & unconscious mind, Kinesiology, NLP techniques, inner child work, forgiveness, energy healing, and so much more. Throughout the program, I will give you some personal tools to apply in your everyday life. It will make a profound change in your life and will make you step into a different consciousness for yourself and your family.

Our meticulously crafted program consists of 8 sessions, one per week. This program is designed to cater to your individual needs, ensuring that you get the most out of each session. Enrolling in our program today will help you begin your journey towards a better, happier you. I'm confident that by choosing to embark on this program, you're ready to make a profound change in your life. Don't let another week pass you by, take the first step towards transforming your life today.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

A payment plan is available when you enrol privately and Afterpay when you enrol online.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Arielle xx

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